Grants in Action: Shannon Chatwin, PocketLabs

Shannon Chatwin teaches Physical Science, Environmental Science, and AP Environmental. She received an OEF grant in November, 2019, to purchase the PocketLab Voyager and the PocketLab Air.

The PocketLab Air is a wireless sensor that enables the students to test the quality of air in different environments. Using the phone app, they are able to compare several components, including carbon dioxide, ozone, temperature, humidity, dewpoint, barometric pressure, and Air Quality Index. The data is in real time and is recorded to an online digital notebook. 

The PocketLab Voyager measures motion, including acceleration, velocity, and altitude, as well as magnetic fields and light intensity. With the real time data, students can visualize their speed and impact. Our Special Education department borrows them frequently for this reason. Mrs. Wilson and the Anatomy class plan to use them soon with foam heads to measure the impact of concussions. 

Ms. Chatwin and her students are grateful to the OEF for these PocketLabs. They help with all kinds of assignments, engaging the students in Environmental, Physical, and Physics. It provides access to information and enables students to understand different environments. One student commented that he “loves it so much”. With the help of the sensor, he was able to actually see the difference between temperature and humidity, and how that translates into heat index. 

The students particularly enjoyed when the goats were added to the outdoor classroom to see if they make a difference in the biodiversity of the prairie area. Another favorite is when they send the sensors up with drones to measure the air quality up high versus the air quality at ground level. These PocketLabs will be used for years to come across the OHS Science department. 

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