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School: 8th Grade Center
Teacher: Lauri Stewart, Math/Technology

Lauri Stewart received a grant titled “Broadcasting and Multimedia Come to Life” in November, 2019, for a green screen, iPads, and Tripods for her technology class. Lauri is a pre-algebra teacher at the 8th grade center and added a couple of technology classes two years ago.  The class enables some 8th graders to begin exploring technology skills, including Adobe Suite, desktop publishing, coding, and video broadcasting.


This grant has made it possible for students to explore filming techniques and strategies, import and export video, and practice photography editing and techniques. The students make morning announcements several different days for the student body. They especially enjoy adding the bloopers to the announcements. Many teachers said their students really enjoy it and are more attentive to the announcements since they are student led.
Students are learning to incorporate the use of social media for events, highlighting their peers and teachers. “The students were thrilled as the grant items began to come in. The items will be used for years to come.” (Stewart). “The kids absolutely love doing it all. They have various jobs making opening or closing videos, camera crew, editors, producers, speakers, etc.”

See a student announcement video here.

See a “Thank You” video from students (with bloopers) here.

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