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How would OEF help me?

OEF will provide funding for a project or classroom idea not normally funded by the school district.

What types of projects qualify for an OEF grant?

The OEF grant reviewers place a great deal of value in the overall creativity of the grant proposal and the number of students that will ultimately benefit from the project.

Who evaluates the OEF grant proposals?

Grants submitted for consideration are reviewed anonymously by the Grant Allocation Committee. The committee rates each grant based on information submitted and responses provided in the grant application. The Grant Review Committee is made up of 10-15 individuals in the community with a passion for Owasso education, some, but not all of the members of the committee have previous education experience or education experience in other districts.

Is there a restricted dollar amount on the OEF grant applications?

No, there is not a specific dollar amount limit, however, the OEF board determines how much total funding can be allocated in any given year for the total number of teacher grants that are selected to be funded.

Are there restrictions on certain items that the OEF will typically not fund in a grant application/proposal?

Yes, requests that do not directly affect the classroom are typically disallowed, i.e. teacher conferences, administrative supplies and equipment, or similar type of requests. Expensive items or grant requests that are not reusable will be evaluated on a case by case basis, and ranked based on the established criteria, including the number of students impacted and the cost to student ratio.

How long does it normally take to fill out an OEF grant application.

Typically it takes about an hour or less to complete the application.

What are some of the projects that have grant winners in the past?

Grants can go to purchase art supplies, books, games, software, math manipulatives, calculators, research items for projects and science lab supplies. Grants can even pay for speakers—at the 8th Grade Center, a speaker in the persona of Ben Franklin was brought in to speak to the student body as a way to make ‘history come alive’ for those students. Imagination and creativity are strongly considered criteria in awarding of grants.

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